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Good morning,

I am emailing this to you to talk about a personal conversation that I had with one of my buyers and I hit me that I should probably send this out to talk about.

So… Right now is the big push to look at houses because its tax season and for the most part that is when people start looking.  But the real time is the summer months because the kids are out of school.  I know I have bought homes around that time because of my kid going to school.  A few years back I left La Mesa to move to SD and we did that for my daughter so we wouldn’t break up her school year.

So I was thinking about it.  Right now is the time to actually start looking.  So the process is pretty simple. First make the decision are we moving or are we just looking. If you are planning on buying its time to start the process.  Looking is fun but the process starts with getting prequalified.  (I have my own story for that one too.  I tried to buy a house when I could only afford a condo). 

If you need help finding a lender I have a great Lender Glenda Meyer.  She is amazing and I love working with her.  I have never had problems getting loans approved and we always close on time if not early because she does the work.  I love those people.  Call her contact her or just tell me to let her know to call you and she will schedule some time with you to talk.

Then once we find out what you can afford it is time to set up a search and look for houses in your price range.  When you see something you like especially in this market.  We need to go and go fast because homes that are nice and priced right DO NOT LAST. (market update:  LOTS OF BUYERS NOT TOO MANY HOMES FOR SALE).

When we find the house you want we write a offer and get you into your new home!!! 

The buying process takes normally about 30 days some shorter some longer depending on the house and sellers.  Don’t let this process scare you.  If you have ever bought a car from the dealer its similar just with more moving parts.  So it takes time and we want to make sure you are protected and the seller is protected. 

So the 30 days it takes to buy a house is a good thing and enjoy the home buying experience.  If you think about it how many time do you actually get to do this in your life!!!

Okay there is my 2 cents take it for what its worth but I just wanted to put it out there for my buyers that are planning a summer buy now is the time.  Lets get the ball rolling….

I am always available call me / text me / email me.  I will make time to talk.

Thank you for your time,

Albert Garza


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